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We offer an easy-to-use donation based software program so parents don’t have to sell door to door, collect money, and then deliver items. We know from past history that family and friends want to support the kids but don’t necessarily want/need the items students are trying to sell. Besides, those efforts only net the school 40-50% of total sales.

Our program nets the school up to 90%!

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  • Fundraising with Technology

    Use the latest technology to reach a farther audience – raising more money with less effort. Share your sale online and track results in live time!

  • Sell Nothing. Keep Almost Everything!

    Empower your program by eliminating the clutter, and engaging the technology. Let your story be told, shared and promoted using modern day methods.

  • Running Your Own Donation Fundraiser?

    No problem! Use our technology to track progress, spread the word to more people, and still keep 90%!

Simplified Fundraising.

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