Run Your Donation Fundraiser The Way You Want To!

Fundraiser Direct was started in response to the growing concern of many fundraising groups that were tired of selling wrapping paper, cookie dough and other things and were receiving less than 40% of the proceeds while doing all the work. Now you can receive up to 90% of what is raised.

Fundraiser Direct has over 20 years of fundraising experience. Let our team of experienced software developers, marketing and fundraising professionals help you increase your donations.


We created a sophisticated online web-based module to make the fundraising process simple and easy. Using this module, we build a personalized website for each group and user, allowing them to create a personalized message and email, or text it to friends and family members. That’s all they have to do. This software also allows you to track sales in live time, monitor participation levels, set goals and integrate your social media platforms.

Those who choose to support your fundraiser will go online to donate. The organization and individual receive credit for the donation. It’s as simple as that!

We’ve helped fundraising companies increase sales and we’d like to help you.