How It Works

The key ingredient to our process is a unique, personalized website that is created for your group or organization which allows you to add a unique personalized message.

Each website shares the purpose of your fundraisers (e.g. band uniforms, drama club) and it keeps track of all sales so each individual will get credit for the donations they solicit. All the individual/parent does is completes the online registration and sends out invitations via email to their family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.

There are NO UPFRONT COSTS and you can run multiple programs at the same time to collect for different needs.

The bottom line is that your fundraiser raises a lot more money and you don’t have to do all the work.

How To Sign Up

If you’re ready to start raising money now, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign-Up Now
  2. Customize your fundraising message
  3. Start raising money!

You Choose How To Run Your Campaign!

Although donation-based fundraising for schools isn’t an entirely new concept, we’ve added several components that improve the success rate while decreasing the hassle. We offer two programs to choose from depending on the needs, age and size of your group.

Technology Program – 90% Profit

Built for groups that already put on their own donation collecting program, but would like to benefit from using our technology to collect money, promote to their groups via email/text/social and would like to track their progress. Easy set-up and profit is issued immediately following the program. Perfect for older groups who are already good at fundraising on their own, but would like the technology to boost their efforts further.

Full Service Program – 80% Profit

From start to finish, we’ll get your fundraising program off the ground and out to your group. Along with everything in the Technology Program, this program offers full service set-up, a prize/incentive program for the kids, custom messages, and profits are issued immediately following the program. Use both our expertise in fundraising, along with our custom-built fundraising software. Great for schools with younger groups who need an extra push to participate, or PTO/PTA organizations who need a little help with the administrative stuff.

Need More Details?

Learn how Fundraiser Direct can help your group achieve it’s fundraising goals. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or click the button below to have one of our helpful representatives contact you.